Due to the nature of the Covid-19 virus studio protocols have been modified with both patron and staff safety in mind.

The studio is currently closed to foot traffic.  No walk ins.  Every person entering must have a booked appointment to receive a service, or recieve an assisted shopping experience.  To ensure this policy the door remains locked during business hours.  Please knock when you arrive for your pre-arranged time.

To reduce the number of people entering the studio tattoo consultations are now done through email correspondance.  We have a consultation questionairre available on our contact page here.  Once you submit your tattoo consultation form it will remain in queue in the order it is received.  One of our booking coordinators will respond within 24-48 hours during our regular business days.  For business hours please refer to our contact page.  Studio Hours & Contact

We are only allowed one person per service provider, therefore clients are not permitted to bring guests with them to their appointment.

We are not allowed to provide you with beverages at this time.  Please bring your own.  Food is not to be consumed within the studio.

Piercing Regulations:  To reduce increasing the spread of covid-19 no piercings or jewellery changes are to be performed underneath the mask.  Therfore no nasal or oral piercings or jewellery changes will be booked at this time.  **If you wish to be put on a contact list for one of these services please contact us and provide us with your information and we are happy to call you to book you in as soon as the restrictions lift.

Please ensure upon entering the studio that you are not experiencing the following symptoms: fever, dry cough, sore throat, fatique, headache, loss of smell or taste, chest pain, or difficulty breathing.  You HAVE NOT travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days.  You HAVE NOT been exposed to anyone who has tested positive for covid-19.  You HAVE NOT tested positive for covid-19 or are awaiting test results for covid-19.  If any of the above mentioed applies to you your appointment will need to be rescheduled for a minimum of 14 days.

Upon entering the studio we ask that you sanitize your hands.

Masks must be worn within the studio.  Our business provides services by way of close contact in which we cannot social distance to perform such services.  

**IMPORTANT: Due to the recent increase in cases we are now temporarily not permitting mask exemptions.  This is to provide safety for all clients, and to the staff members inside the studio.  And this is especially important to protect those whom have conditions for which are exempt from wearing a mask, that they do not recieve close contact services.  We politely ask that if you do not wish to wear a mask for reasons that are medical in nature or otherwise that your appointment is rescheduled to a future date when the number of cases decline.

*Anyone who arrives for their appontment and refuses to wear a mask may lose their appointment and it may result in forfeiting your deposit.*