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At Thrive our goal is to offer you the top of the line, most innovative and professionally made body jewellery available on the market.  We’ve sought out the best, most skilled professional jewellery makers in North America.  These companies choose to only use the highest grade materials allowing the best possible chance for you piercing to heal. As the piercing industry has grown rapidly over the years, we’re starting to see the number body jewellery companies escalate due to the popularity of piercing and tattoos.  Many of these companies are in it for the quick cash grab, offering you nothing but a cheap product, made of inferior metals, cheap glued in gemstones, often leading to the poor healing of your piercing.

Unfortunately most of the options available online and in our local malls are made very poorly, with cheap metals often containing lots of nickel and some are even considered toxic jewellery!  We’re proud to say that we won’t sell anything that you can find in your local mall jewellery store.  We strive to bring you the best, warrantied body jewellery, all custom fit to your body’s anatomy, which you can wear daily without the risks of irritation like many other cheaper options.   We also provide custom orders offering you a wide range of quality styles and materials so we can always get exactly what you're looking for.

The jewellery we carry is made from hypoallergenic materials that have been proven to be safe in fresh piercings. It is machined from a solid stock of implant grade titanium (ASTM F-136), implant grade stainless steel (ASTM F-138), niobium and either 14 or 18 karat gold. There is no welding or glue to keep anything together, so the jewellery will never fall apart and the gems will never pop out of the setting.  We carry only internally threaded or threadless jewellery, meaning that there is no threading on the post, so nothing will damage the piercing when inserting or removing jewellery.  Internal threading also helps keep the balls more secure than external threading which means it’s less likely for your jewellery to fall out of your piercing.  Everything is hand polished and inspected for defects for quality control.

Many of the companies listed below have been favourites within the industry of well educated and professional piercers.  Often these companies have gained personal relationships with many of the piercers as they share the same passion wanting to offer the absolute best to their clients.

Body Vision Los Angeles is one of our favourite and most prestigious companies we love, also known as BVLA.  They are the world’s leading manufacturer of precious metal body jewellery.  Their mission is to create a diamond legacy by making jewellery which will outlast us and be passed on forever.  You will often see our staff wearing BVLA jewellery as it stands out above the rest making quite the statement.  We are constantly questioned about the high quality jewellery that we’re wearing and it feels good knowing that no one has seen anything quite like this quality before.  If you’re looking to stand out from the rest and you only love the most exquisite precious metals such as platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, then BVLA is for you.  They specialize in custom making anything you can imagine and they guarantee each piece of jewellery for life!  You’re investing in a piece of jewellery you’ll be proud to show off and rest assured it will stay as beautiful as the day you bought it.  Come see the exquisite quality for yourself and see why it has quickly become a staff favourite!  If you have an existing piercing that you want to get updated jewellery for, or you want a set of complimenting pieces for all your piercings, we offer jewellery consultations to order the perfect custom piece for you. An expert in body jewellery will browse through the manufactures catalogues or websites with you and help identify exactly what you're looking for. We will take exact measurements of your piercings to ensure that we get the correct size specifically ordered just for you.  Custom orders are placed frequently and there is no extra charge for this service, just your patience is appreciated.

Anatometal is often described as the most respected body jewellery company on the planet offering the best quality and service since 1991.  Since we have started offering Anatometal jewellery we have seen our clients get excited and often returning with their friends to show off the quality.  Their implant grade jewellery is hand polished to a mirror finish and every piece is made with a high attention to detail.  They use only the highest grade synthetic and genuine gemstones and superior internal threads.   The ends on their jewellery also have a self locking feature to reduce the chance of it falling off.  The true flawless beauty of the jewellery speaks for itself and will last over the test of time. 

NeoMetal is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices of jewellery available for earlobes, cartilage, lips, and nostrils.  This is the company that created threadless jewellery and it works by the tension of putting a curved pin into a straight post.  It just snaps together.  We are proud to be one of only a few studios in Ontario offering this superior style of jewellery.  NeoMetal manufactures all their jewellery from hypoallergenic, implant grade titanium (ASTM F136 6Al 4V ELI) designed, machined, polished & assembled in the USA.  This style of jewellery has become more popular over the years offering numerous options for your fresh or healed piercing.  Our favourite feature of threadless jewellery is the opportunity to change the front gemstones of your piercing at any time without the actual removal of the jewellery from your piercing.  This means you can choose to change the gem colour as often as you wish without the fear of damaging your new piercing.  We offer this free service of changing your jewellery at the time of purchase.  We will also teach you the proper steps on changing the ends more frequently.  We can also order gold and diamonds to fit within the NeoMetal threadless post.  Stop by for a demonstration of threadless jewellery and join the many others that are switching to this more comfortable option.

Omerica Organic is a small but growing business in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 2004, they specialize in wood plugs and jewellery. Everything starts with a block of wood and each product is custom made to your order, paying great attention to detail and hand finishing pieces to the highest standards of quality.  They purchase wood stock ethically from trusted suppliers in the USA and they plant trees to offset their consumption.

Wood is a warm, comfortable, and natural material that has so much character. Each piece of jewelry is a story, the grains speaking to you with beauty from it's past. Organic materials were among the first materials to be used for jewellery, and Omerica is excited to be bringing it back with a modern urban feel!

Wood is a wonderful material to wear. Whether in your ears, or just touching your skin, wood always has a warm feel. Due to the porous nature of wood, ears will feel healthier and less prone to smells.  Stop by Thrive Studios to see the large selection of wooden jewellery available.

Maya Jewelry was born from a love for piercing, a passion for jewellery, a commitment to self-expression and a devotion to community.  Based in San Francisco California, in the heart of the Castro district, Corey Lolley and her elves work tirelessly day and night to ensure you have nothing but amazing works of art in your ears!

Dedicated to creating exquisite designs honouring the individuality of the wearer, Maya is an intention for empowerment through self-expression. Each Maya design is original and distinctive, formed from hand carved organic materials, lost wax casted and hand forged silver, yellow and rose gold as well as copper and brass.

When you choose Maya Jewelry, you're not just choosing the most exquisite jewelry available; you choose to create sustainability for a community of Balinese craftsmen capable of bringing the ethereal into the physical realm. You choose to support a punk rock enterprise honoring DIY ethics to help improve our community here in the US. Most importantly, you choose to empower yourself.  Maya Jewelry is imbued with the mystical, and is intended to act as a reminder to be your courageous self, to live your truth, and let inspiration guide you to discover and attain your highest purpose. By fully inhabiting your body, you can fully inhabit your life, and do with it as you wish. The impossible is possible. We hope these hand crafted works of art inspire you to access your personal empowerment and evolution through adornment. Maya Jewelry guarantees unsurpassed superiority in design and craftsmanship.

All of our piercing jewellery is approved by the Association of Professional Piercers (APP). In fact, Anatometal helped set standards for the style of jewellery that they would approve. We personally wear jewellery from all these companies in our own piercings and insist that friends and family do the same.  We truly believe it is the only acceptable jewellery to put in your piercings because it's the best, and your body deserves the best!  Please take the time to browse some of the websites from these manufactures we have just introduced you too.  If you have any questions about ordering a special piece for yourself or that special someone, please call to set up a jewellery consultation.  At Thrive Studios we carry a lot of high quality jewellery in stock and you can stop by for a more personal tour allowing yourself to learn even more about the exciting options for your piercing!

We enjoy finding the proper jewellery for your body that will not cause you irritations like most costume jewellery on the market.  We have recently found some disturbing videos about the risks of wearing costume jewellery.  Once you see these videos you might think twice before buying cheap mall jewellery ever again!

Please view our online gallery to see a sample of the highest quality jewellery options Thrive Studios has to offer.  You'll instantly see the amazing craftmanship from the best companies throughout North America.   Here's a quick preview before you even step into our studio.  If you're from out of town and would like us to ship you some jewellery, please contact us for further information.


Click Here to view a sample of our Jewellery Gallery

Are you unsure about the quality of body jewellery you're wearing everyday?  

Contact Thrive Studios for a free jewellery consultation and learn what is best for your piercings!



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